Live Chat Software Pricing

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A Service That Pays For Itself

Owners and sales representatives expect a decent return-on-investment for services paid. Live chat software improves customer service and boosts sales and leads through live interactions with web site visitors.

Our live chat services are competitively priced allowing web site owners to quickly recover the monthly cost. See how we compare with the competition:

(Our pricing vs. the competition) Competitors Hosted Chat
9.95 USD/month
Competitor Pricing
19.95 USD/month2
Operators/Agents Unlimited Added Cost Per Operator
Web Sites Monitored Unlimited Added Cost Per Site
Console Software Web Based Require Console Download
Chat Sessions Unlimited Added Cost1
Online/Offline Image included included
SSL Chat included included
Create Operators included Added Cost
Canned Messages included included
Avoids Pop-up Blockers included included
Push Function included included
Co-browse included included
Audio/Visual Notifications included included
Geo-Location included included
Block Abusive Users included
Proactive Invites included included
No Ads Or Links Shown included 'Powered by competitor' link
Visitor Browser Info included included

It costs nothing to test our hosted chat services. Get a free trial live chat software account today and decide if it's worth it!

1Some competitors charge extra for chats exceeding a certain limit
2Competitor pricing ranging from 19.95USD to 79.95USD per month

Who Uses Our Live Chat Service

E-commerce Web Sites

Automotive Dealerships

Technical Support Web Sites

Web Hosting Companies

Web Design Companies

Search Engine Optimization Companies

Call Center Businesses

Live chat is an excellent way to convert browsing web site visitors into buyers. See what it can do for your business today!

We are committed to providing top-quality hosted (and white label) live chat services to our customers. If you're not happy with our live chat service get in touch with us and we'll provide an added month of free use or give you your money back. It's your choice.